About Us

Built in 1993, Delta Karate School has been a family-run dojo which has been passed down the generations. The program has evolved to offer comprehensive martial arts instruction from hand to hand combat to Kobudo and Iaido as well.

Our karate school not only provides support and great opportunities for dedicated athletes who have competitive goals in mind, but we also facilitate the journeys of people who are looking to physically and mentally improve themselves.

At Delta Karate School, our instructors care for the students. In addition to physical strength and ability, students learn perseverance, respect, confidence, patience, and discipline. Instructors support students with a range of interests from high level competition to personal health and self-defence. Our goal is to build confidence through an appropriately challenging and fun class environment for all students, no matter the skill level. As each person may have a different learning style, students are given multiple ways to learn through visual, auditory, kinesthetic and experiential methods.

Our study of Karate incorporates Kata (forms), Kihon (basic movements), Kumite (fighting and self-defence), and Bunkai (take-down techniques, locks, kata applications).

Classes are taught in a 1,000 square foot area. The dojo (training gym) is fully equipped with judo tatami mats, mirrors, protective gear, punching bag + pads, various Okinawan hand weapons and washroom/shower facilities.